I know two people that rival Bridget and Darcy

photo 1 (6) photo 2 (4) photo 3 (2)

Today is my brother and his  wife’s one year anniversary. It’s a special day for us all to remember as a family, for a reason very close to our hearts.

The wedding was small, perfectly planned and definitely the loveliest  I’ve been to.

We started off the day at a registry office in South London and then made our way to the bus stop to travel to The Broadway Bar and Grill for the reception.

After slowly sipping wine for hours I found my mum running around the venue stealing party favours (jars of jelly beans) and Aunty P dancing to ‘No Diggity’.

It’s hard to believe that it was a year ago!

I’m using their anniversary as an excuse to bring out old photos and get started on working on the main idea behind this project (something I’m keeping close to my chest for now).

The jist is that the little memories are important and forgetfulness is common, so I’m aiming to do my best to make them more concrete through illustration.


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